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How do we do? Let our clients tell you.

“Thanks for Charlie's haircut! We LOVE it :).  Nice trim for summer!.”


“Thank you Shamrock for walk-in service for nail clipping. I have a hard time getting down the stairs
when my nails are too long and my mom likes that she can take me in the car and stop in for a nail clipping without making an appointment


“Thanks Tom from shamrock for coming to clean our yard in all sorts of weather. We don;t step in it any more and get our dad & mom upset. We are very happy with your service."



-Sam, Chuck & Tilly

“very professional services-



“Thanks Paula for my Spa day. Its makes me feel soo Pretty. I love the all natural shampoo's.


“Thanks Shamrock for NOT Putting me in one of those Cage dryers, my snout is to short and I have a hard time Breathing, besides I like the towel and Blow dryer and trying to catch the air as it comes out of the hose, oh so much fun!


We Thank You
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